Business Meeting

Business Meeting - 2nd Tuesday of each
month at 7:30pm in Church Social Hall.
Next Meeting - June 9, 2020

Social Meeting

Social Meeting - 4th Week of each
month at 7:00pm in Church Social Hall.
Next Meeting - TBA

Council Information

The Father Albert J. Todd Council is located at St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Fuquay-Varina at 1005 Wilbon Rd. The Grand Knight for 2019-2020 is Fred Brown.

Council Meetings

The meetings are held in the St. Bernadette Catholic Church hall. The Business Meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM, and the Social Meeting is the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM.  Times are subject to change.  Attend the business meeting and win a door prize. See Activities page for details.

About Our Council

Father Albert J. Todd Council was founded December 7, 1997 through the efforts of District Deputy Keith Stringer. It is named after Father Albert J. Todd, who was a parish priest in Garner, NC. He was instrumental in starting St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Fuquay-Varina, NC. The Father Albert J. Todd Council works closely with St. Bernadette Catholic Church, providing funds for various projects, assisting the parish priest's when called upon, with members being active participants in the parish, etc...

Mary, Queen of the Knights

our lady logo100Our Lady, Queen of the Knights, bless all the activities of our Order. Keep us true to the pledge to extend the kingship of thy Divine Son on earth. Through Thine intercession, win for us the grace ever to exemplify in our public and private lives, the virtues which should characterize those specially dedicated to the service of the heavenly court. Make us always aware that as your Knights we are constantly observed, our faith judged and our Order appreciated. Accept, O Mary, this renewed pledge of fealty and devotion of thy servants, the Knights of Columbus. Amen. †


Members Information Page

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2017 - 2018 Officers2017 - 2018 Directors
Grand Knight: Tim Roberts LAMB: Richard Bodnar
Deputy Grand Knight: Rich Mitchell Family: Joshua Evans
Chaplain: TBA Church: James Lawson
Chancellor: Joseph Falciglia Membership: Chris Craney
Recorder: Rich Pupi Youth: James Burke
Financial Secretary: Roy Leckonby Culture of Life: Joe Lee
Treasurer: Karl Seitz Council: Al Munno
Lecturer: TBA Health: Tom Fornabaio
Advocate: Tony Perna Community: Joe Beiras
Warden: Drew Bevis Program: Rich Mitchell
Inner Guard: Eddie Divito Retention: Tim Roberts
Outer Guard: Joe Berias Public Relations: Tim Roberts
3 Year Trustee: Jim Burke Vocations: TBA
2 Year Trustee: Sonny Butler  
1 Year Trustee: Bill Barry Webmaster: Peter Majewski


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Official Council By-Laws

Copy of Audits are available for you to view.

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1st Half 2007   2nd Half 2007
1st Half 2008   2nd Half 2008
1st Half 2009   2nd Half 2009
1st Half 2010   2nd Half 2010
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roster  Council Roster
Updated 03/28/17

Brother occupation/hobby survey

2007 Baby Bottle Final Report

Not all of the meeting minutes have not been sent to me, so some are unavailable.

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2017

January 2017 Minutes    February 2017 Minutes    March 2017 Minutes    

April 2017 Minutes    May 2017 Minutes    June 2017 Minutes

July 2017 Minutes    August 2017 Minutes    September 2017 Minutes

October 2017 Minutes    November 2017 Minutes    December 2017 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2016

January 2016 Minutes    February 2016 Minutes    March 2016 Minutes    

April 2016 Minutes    May 2016 Minutes    June 2016 Minutes

July 2016 Minutes    August 2016 Minutes    September 2016 Minutes

October 2016 Minutes    November 2016 Minutes    December 2016 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2015

January 2015 Minutes    February 2015 Minutes    March 2015 Minutes    

April 2015 Minutes    May 2015 Minutes    June 2015 Minutes

July 2015 Minutes    August 2015 Minutes    September 2015 Minutes

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Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2014

January 2014 Minutes    February 2014 Minutes    March 2014 Minutes    

April 2014 Minutes    May 2014 Minutes    June 2014 Minutes

July 2014 Minutes    August 2014 Minutes    September 2014 Minutes

October 2014 Minutes    November 2014 Minutes    December 2014 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2013

January 2013 Minutes    February 2013 Minutes    March 2013 Minutes    

April 2013 Minutes    May 2013 Minutes    June 2013 Minutes

July 2013 Minutes    August 2013 Minutes    September 2013 Minutes

October 2013 Minutes    November 2013 Minutes    December 2013 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2012

January 2012 Minutes    February 2012 Minutes    March 2012 Minutes    

April 2012 Minutes    May 2012 Minutes    June 2012 Minutes

July 2012 Minutes    August 2012 Minutes    September 2012 Minutes

October 2012 Minutes    November 2012 Minutes    December 2012 No Meeting

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2011

January 2011 Minutes    February 2011 Minutes    March 2011 Minutes    

April 2011 Minutes    May 2011 Minutes    June 2011 Minutes

July 2011 Minutes    August 2011 Minutes    September 2011 Minutes

October 2011 Minutes    November 2011 Minutes    December 2011 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2010

January 2010 Minutes    February 2010 Minutes    March 2010 Minutes    

April 2010 Minutes    May 2010 Minutes    June 2010 Minutes

July 2010 Minutes    August 2010 Minutes    September 2010 Minutes

October 2010 Minutes    November 2010 Minutes    December 2010 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2009

January 2009 Minutes    February 2009 Minutes    March 2009 Minutes    

April 2009 Minutes    May 2009 Minutes    June 2009 Minutes

July 2009 Minutes    August 2009 Minutes    September 2009 Minutes

October 2009 Minutes    November 2009 Minutes    December 2009 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2008

January 2008 Minutes    February 2008 Minutes    March 2008 Minutes    

April 2008 Minutes    May 2008 Minutes    June 2008 Minutes

July 2008 Minutes    August 2008 Minutes    September 2008 Minutes

October 2008 Minutes    November 2008 Minutes    December 2008 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2007

January 2007 Minutes    February 2007 Minutes    March 2007 Minutes    

April 2007 Minutes    May 2007 Minutes    June 2007 Minutes

July 2007 Minutes    August 2007 Minutes    September 2007 Minutes

October 2007 Minutes    November 2007 Minutes    December 2007 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2006

January 2006 Minutes    February 2006 Minutes    March 2006 Minutes    

April 2006 Minutes    May 2006 Minutes    June 2006 Minutes

July 2006 Minutes    August 2006 Minutes    September 2006 Minutes

October 2006 Minutes    November 2006 Minutes    December 2006 Minutes

Council's Business Meeting Minutes for 2005

January 2005 Minutes    February 2005 Minutes    February 2005 Minutes Revised

March 2005 Minutes    April 2005 Minutes    May 2005 Minutes    June 2005 Minutes

July 2005 Minutes    August 2005 Minutes    September 2005 Minutes

October 2005 Minutes    November 2005 Minutes    December 2005 Minutes 

Supplies for a Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Breakfast Worker Sign-in Sheet

Spaghetti Dinner Worker Sign-in Sheet

Pancake Breakfast Inventory Blank

Pancake Breakfast Supplies Purchase Report 

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Form 185 (Report Of Chosen Council Officers) 

Form 365 (Service Program Personnel Report) 

These Men they Call Knights 

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Membership / Instructional Videos

Below is a listing of video productions available from the Knights of Columbus. Please note you will have better results viewing these videos on high speed internet access rather than a dial-up modem.

Audio/Video clips require RealPlayer, a free download.

To Be a Patriot
This video is an excellent introduction to the Fourth Degree and should be shown to all Third Degree members and their families as part of a recruitment campaign. (12 Minutes)

Membership Recruitment Blitz -- Broadband
A Membership Recruitment Blitz is an all-out recruiting drive conducted over one weekend. This video explains the steps for conducting a Membership Recruitment Blitz. (5 minutes, 10.5 mb)

Membership Recruitment Blitz -- Dial-up
A Membership Recruitment Blitz is an all-out recruiting drive conducted over one weekend. This video explains the steps for conducting a Membership Recruitment Blitz. (5 minutes, 1.6 mb)

Fourth Degree: The Visible Arm of the Order
This is a training video emphasizing proper procedures for common rituals, proper handling of the sword, and protocol. It is a companion piece to the Fourth Degree Drill Manual and serves as visual representation of the instructions in the manual. (20 Minutes)

The District Deputy - Key Link to our Success
This spirited program outlines the duties and responsibilities of the district deputy as a manager, communicator and motivator and highlights the importance of an effective district deputy in the overall success of the Order. (15 Minutes)




usflagTotal member count for Council #12119 is currently at 241 Members.ncflag

Prayer for the Canonization of Father Michael J. McGivney

God, our Father, protector of the poor and defender of the widow and orphan, you called your priest, Father Michael J. McGivney, to be an apostle of Christian family life and to lead the young to the generous service of their neighbor. Through the example of his life and virtue may we follow your Son, Jesus Christ, more closely, fulfilling his commandment of charity and building up his Body which is the Church. Let the inspiration of your servant prompt us to greater confidence in your love so that we may continue his work of caring for the needy and the outcast. We humbly ask that you glorify your venerable servant Father Michael J. McGivney on earth according to the design of your holy will. Through his intercession, grant the favor I now present to return all Brother Knights and/or family members on the prayer list back to good health and fortune. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please recite the following: Our Father - Hail Mary - Glory be to the Father

Jackpot Bingo

jackpot bingo1 smThe Knights of Columbus and St. Bernadette Catholic Church are proud to host JACKPOT BINGO every Thursday evening. Please join us in the social hall at 7:00 PM (DOORS OPEN AT 6:00 PM) for a night of fun and a chance to win big cash prizes. The proceeds will benefit St. Bernadette Parish and Knights of Columbus activities. Bingo will not be played on Holy Days and Holidays. $15 for pay out of up to $1500. Visit for more info.


Why were the Knights of Columbus formed?

In 1882 the catholic men in America were being led astray by other non-catholic men's groups , this coupled with the fact that men had a high risk of being killed on the job, led Father Michael J. McGivney to conceive of a Catholic fraternal order of men who followed the teachings of the Church and whose Wives and Families would be provided for in the case of the untimely death of a Knight of Columbus.


Are Donations/Gifts to the Knights of Columbus tax deductable?

NO.  The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal benefit society under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(8).

Are Donations/Gifts to Operation "LAMB" tax deductable?

YES.  Donationsmustbe made payable to:
          LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc.
          an IRS charitable 501(c)(3)
          organization ID# 56-2139696


1005 Wilbon Rd, Fuquay Varina, NC 27592