Business meeting is 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 pm in St. Bernadette Church Hall. At the end of the Business Meeting, we will be drawing from the members in good standing for a $10 attendance prize and if you are in attendance you win. Otherwise you will forfeit and it will be added to the next months attendance prize and so on up to the $120 max. until there is a winner. Then it starts over again.

Monthly Attendance Prize Winner (MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE TO WIN!!!)
2016 MonthKnightPrizeAttended
January 12 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
February 9 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
March 15 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
April 19 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
May 10 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
June 14 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
July 12 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
August 9 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
September 13 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
October 11 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
November 8 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No
December 13 Bro. Knight ??? $00 Yes/No

Social meeting is 4th Tuesday at 7:00 pm in St. Bernadette Church Hall. Will be announced at Business Meeting if one is being held.

Our council hosts a large number of council activities throughout the year.

Samples of our family and community activities include: Knight of the Month, Family of the Month, Knight of the Year, Family of the Year, and Golden Knight of the Year. Pot Luck suppers, Bicycle Repairs for Christmas distribution, Children's Read - A - Thon, Youth Basketball Free Throw competition at the local, district and state levels, and a Youth "anti-drug" Poster Contest, Talent Show, Bingo, Blood Drive.

Some of our fund raising activities include: St. Patrick's Supper, Yard Sale, Monthly Pancake Breakfast, Weekly Jackpot Bingo, Spaghetti Dinner, Memorial Mass, State Raffle, Operation LAMB " Least Among My Brethren" Helping people with mental retardation, Baby Bottle Program for Pro-Life Activities.

Church Activities include: K of C Mass, Memorial Masses, assisting our Parish Pastors, and helping with the annual church picnic.

2016 Fundraiser Events

Pancake Breakfast - TBA

Jackpot Bingo held every Thursday night (except on Holidays and Holy Days)
Knight in Need Dinner - TBA

2016 Tournaments

State Bocce Ball Tournament - TBA
State Golf Tournament - TBA

2016 State Raffle On Sale Now!

Click 2015 State Raffle Winners for list of winners.

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