How the Emblem

of the

"Knights of Columbus"

came to be!


On May 12, 1883 at the Second Supreme meeting, the Emblem was designed by the first Supreme Knight, James T. Mullen.

When you first look at the Emblem, you see a shield mounted upon a Maltese cross, that is turned sideways. Shields are normally associated with a medieval Knights. The cross of Malta, represents the Cross of Christ. Through the Cross of Christ all graces of redemption were procured for mankind. This Cross and Shield represents the Catholic Spirit and Commitment of the "Knights of Columbus".

Mounted to the shield are three objects; a medieval ax standing, an anchor and a sword. The ax represents strong leadership, authority and a efficiently operating organization. The anchor is the symbol for Christopher Columbus, the patron of our Order. while the sword is the weapon of the Knight.

Also mounted to this Shield and Cross is the letters "K of C", which represents the Knighthood of a Catholic man in our organization. Knights lived by a code of chivalry. They were merciful in action, just in deed, fearless in battle and committed to serving God.

The red, white, and blue in the background of the shield, are the colors of our beloved country. Red is the color of stout hearted courage, pulsating activity and devotion. Blue is the symbol of hope, the tranquility of living under God and in the protection of our country. Which was established under God. White is the symbol of purpose, purity and crucible tried ideals that have been carried out.

But there is are other symbols for red, white, and blue. These are Christian symbols, for which red becomes the redemptive blood of Christ. Shed for all of us, on the Cross. Red symbolizes our Faith, in Christ, our Savior. It is also our mission, as Catholic men and Knights, to spread and proclaim the word and deeds of Jesus Christ.

White is the color of the Eucharist Host. God's living presence among and in men. The Eucharist shows God's infinite love and sacrifice for man. White also symbolizes the Knights Christ like Charity.

Blue is the color of Our Lady's mantle, which she used to drape her beloved Son. Through whom our salvation came. Blue is then the symbol of Hope.

So "ALWAYS" wear the emblem of the "Knights of Columbus", with deep Religious Conviction, Honor and Pride. Remember what it stands for and who it stands for! This emblem represents all that the Knights have been and all that the Knights will be. So be proud to call yourself a "Knight of Columbus"!